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SLIDE-01About Triambika

Delightful, down to earth and deeply rooted in the tradition and practices of Tantra, Triambika Ma Vive brings with her a playful and sensual approach to sacred conscious sexuality as a path for spiritual awakening and development.

Well versed in the time-honored knowledge and traditions of tantric yoga and philosophy it is her extensive practice in Tantra that provides the foundation of her teachings.

Well respected, revered and beloved member of the global modern sacred sexuality movement Triambika is a yogini at heart: neither Guru or Master but one who has dedicated her life to aspiring to live an aware and positive existence while offering support and teachings to those who seek it.

Her years of training, her innate curiosity, her verve and passion for life and her expressions of joy and gratitude inspire and guide those whom she coaches.

Triambika Ma Viva’s effective and contemporary methods of awakening are the inspiration for founding the Ecstatic Awareness Institute.

Gifted as an adept facilitator of sexual consciousness teachings Triambika is a clear and articulate channel for the teachings of Eros based spirituality and for the non-dual dance of Divine masculine and feminine dynamics.

Her coaching and teaching  reflect the principles of her classical training from beloved gurus in the lineages of Sarasvati and Kali Ma of Yogic Buddhism  and her strong connection to Siddha and Hatha yoga.

Straightforward and loving, Triambika’s wisdom is a blend of her dedicated practices, her fifteen years of devoted studies of eastern teachings,  and her work as a sexual coach.  Witty with a sharp intellect and open heart Triambika’s guidance is balanced and considerate of wherever and however one is showing up in their path.

Triambika’s practical and tactical guidance utilizes her interdisciplinary methodology that relates breath-work, meditation, movement, sound and sensuality with spirituality and a connection to the Sacred.

In addition to her tantric expertise  she is trained  and studied in multiple mystical, spiritual and religious modalities and possesses a natural empathic receptivity that allows her to translate the processes and provide advice and insights relevant to each clients specific needs and perspectives.

Triambika Ma Vive’s ultimate goal is to support your journey into exploring satisfaction,  pleasure, intimacy, sexuality, and its connection to the sacred on the personal path of self discovery and growth.