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Spruce Up Your Love Life With Mindful Sex: Tips On How To Be Ecstatically Aware In The Bedroom

Forget the romantic chocolate and naughty lingerie. Learn how to awaken and enrich your sex life with a few mindful sex lessons on how to consciously make-love and be here now…in bed! “One of the best ways to bring consciousness to sex is to slow everything down enough to really feel what’s happening” Studies have…


Vamamarga Part 2

The Serpent: In the Tantric tradition, sexual energy is symbolized as a coiled serpent (kundalini). In most people, the serpent is asleep – it is said that her face points downward. The small bit of awakening that is there is at the lowest level and is seen in the animal enjoyment of sex. Tantric practices…

Cultivate Your Sexual Energy

Cultivate Your Sexual Energy – For Women (Part 1)

  Sadly so many women lose their sexual appetite for reasons too long to mention. The medical industry is shamelessly banking on “Women’s Sexual Dysfunction” which is totally bogus if you ask me. Short of having a genuine medical issue, there is no such thing as women’s sexual dysfunction. The biggest thing standing in the…


Vamamarga Part 1

The Left Handed Path: Otherwise known as the Kaula sadhana, this is the most significant and yet most misunderstood of all the Tantric traditions. This is partly because the practices were always kept in secret, handed down from guru to disciple, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. As I have come to…