Professional Certification Training for Women

~ Levels One and Two ~

Stay tuned 2013 dates TBA

This foundational instruction is for all women who feel a call to show up in this world as the Muse, the Sacred Intimate, the Sexual Healer, the Tantric Dakini, the Deva Dasi, the Temple Priestess; it is above all for she who reveals herself as the Mirror of the Goddess.

Learn to incorporate the essential teachings of Conscious Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality combined with the time-honored tradition of Tantra.

Begin to understand and utilize the Natural Principles of Creation that lie dormant within you. The Sacred Sexual Priestess Training concedes that much of our inner work as women must also include a balance of the healthy masculine within as well as externally. Therein a focus will be placed on showing up for ourselves while relating with men in a whole new way.

This unabridged transmission will facilitate your ability to work in the realm of service to those desiring to grow spiritually, heal sexual distress, and expand erotic potentials. The training is specifically designed for – but not limited to – women who work with or intend to offer their services to private clients/students/ or friends.

Central to this path are Presence, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness and an honoring of the interconnectedness of all things.

Learn how to:

  • Create sacred space for a transformational environment
  • Teach your clients to expand orgasmic energy multiple times
  • Stimulate the flow of life force (prana) throughout the body
  • Masterfully guide men in learning to conserve sexual energy
  • Explore base chakra opening for health, pleasure and security

In addition:

  • Gain lucrative skills to expand your business while creating repeat clientele
  • Interview and magnetizing clients that are appropriate for YOU
  • Discover how and where to market your services
  • Apply protocols for marketing a thriving, sustainable practice

Other topics we will cover:

  • - Sex Magic
  • New Paradigm Legal Considerations
  • Mindful communication
  • How to Avoid “Burn-Out”
  • Live Demos: Healing Ceremonies
  • Transformational Breath Techniques
  • Conscious touch and lovemaking skills
  • Mantra, Yantra, Nyasa, for gently awakening the chakras

**Level One will focus working with Male clients while Level Two will focus on working with Women and Couples.


Additionally we will explore the light and shadow archetypes for the feminine and masculine principles

  • Reclaim and activate the emotional body (Divine Feminine Aspect) using practical techniques
  • Embody the archetype of the Healthy Masculine through quieting the mind, listening with compassion, creating safety, and witnessing without judgment.

Mentoring is an activity that allows students to grow in a supportive environment and can promote spiritual development.

For an additional discounted rate trainees are given an opportunity to receive personal support via phone conferences for four weeks following the training.

These sessions enable the student to review assignments, ask for advice, receive coaching for writing a compelling ad, and obtain information regarding personal matters.

For more information, please contact my assistant, Joy, or call me at 510-205-5651.

Thanks and Blessings, your presenter,


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