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Sexual Impact // Boldness Code

Location: San Francisco
Link out: Click here
Description: You Are About To Learn the 3 Skills to Have Massive, Instant and Lasting Sexual Impact on Women…

Essential Skill #1: Body Impact: “Your Erotic Body” – Instant Body Communication
Essential Skill #2: Escalation Impact: Naturally “Embodied” Energetic Sexual Escalation
Essential Skill #3: Sexual Impact: Bedroom Impact of Your New Affirmative Sexuality Skills

Here is what you will get during this hands-on workshop:

Morning Sessions:

Morning Session: Your Erotic Body and Bodily Impact Women are extremely “in-tune” with you subtle body language. In fact many people agree that women are far more sensitive to body language than men are. As Triambika says, “Women pick up on a mans energy in a way that will determine whether we find you attractive or not. Your non-verbal body seduces us or turns us off before you even say a word! Having more sex and women is a side effect of becoming a sexually embodied confident man, not the cause of it.” So in this session, Triambika will train your erotic presence including these skills:

How you hold your weight – and what that tells women
How you engage us with your eyes
Where you are breathing and how deeply
How relaxed and trustable your body feels to us (and how to increase your trustability)
Honing your Posture- what your head position tells us, increase your masculine stability
How to SLOW DOWN your movements and make slower, calculated gestures – creating mystery and intrigue
How to “take up space” and open up your physiology

Afternoon Sessions:

Afternoon Session #1: Energetic Escalation Most men either freeze up or overplay their hand when it comes to moving a woman from an initial encounter into sexual energy or intrigue. If you’ve ever wanted to experience – and practice – authentic, magnetic, connected In this workshop session you will:

Practice “Erotic Presence” Breath practice, the varieties of breathing, breathing into your genitals and you will experience how women feel that
Learn how to “emit genuine sexual energy” via confidence and techniques to feel ad convey comfort with your natural masculine sexuality
Learn the secret of a giving a sensual, slow, teasing kiss
Experience how to bring her body into ecstasy before your clothes even come off
How to touch a woman, where, when to linger and when to draw her in to you
And more…

Afternoon Session #2: The Impact of Your New Affirmative Sexuality Sexual encounters that bring out deep pleasure and connection require a Relaxed Body, Playfulness and feeling comfortable both with her body and with yours. First, we will focus on clearing the most common mental obstacles to Affirmative Sexuality, and dissolve Sexual Shame, Sexual Shyness or Embarrassment with easy to implement sexual practices and preparation you can practice e on your own. In this intimate session you will then learn:

The rare art of Pelvic opening
How to sustain your erection without chemicals with muscle contractions and relaxation techniques
How to increase “Connected” sex – which is what she mostly wants (whether dark or light)
How to touch her in her erogenous zones in a way she’ll never forget.
How to get past common roadblocks- tools to improve sexual function (PE, ED, etc), how to master ejaculatory Choice, how to guide heat and energy in your body, how to empower your erection
Moves that Will make her Melt and Surrender

This course is limited in size so that each participant gets to work with Triambika personally and do the exercises. This is a “hands-on” workshop, not a passive lecture. This course is meant for men who want to authentically, powerfully and genuinely impact women and open them up to safe, sensual pleasure and bliss.
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Start Time: 10:00:00
Date: 2014-09-19
End Time: 17:00:00