A day to Unveil & Ignite your Feminine Wisdom ~ Transforming Our Shadows into Creative Gems

by the creatrixes of Feminine Sensual Empowerment – Triambika & Tziporah

When we learn to unlock past hurts and turn them into rocket fuel for our personal growth, our whole life is infused with passion, creativity and magnetism. The only requirement is that we live in the magnificent presence anchored within our own body.

  • Experience the healing of being witnessed, seen and heard.
  • Ceremony to reveal our authentic heart space & returning to harmony with our Sisters.
  • Step into your empowered self by clearing unconscious emotional patterns.
  • We will begin to explore our shadow aspects & how they show up in our own femininity.Reconnect with your body and recover your ability to experience pleasure and joy!

Come experience the magic & wisdom that happens when sister unite. This is an opportunity to become acquainted with the mastery, wisdom and love of Triambika & Tziporah

Since 1996,Tziporah has been traveling throughout North America and Europe as a Transformational Facilitator, Seminar Leader, Ceremony Creatrix & Coach. She specializes in ways to support people to come back into healthy loved based relationship to self and others. Her teachings offer wisdom through Shamanic practices, Transformational Breathwork, conscious communication, sexual empowerment, tantra, yoga & cacao as a plant medicine. www.breatheinecstasy.com

Triambika, founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute, is a professional Intimacy coach and international sacred sexuality seminar leader. A natural facilitator, she is a clear and articulate channel for the teachings of Erotic Spirituality and the non-dual dance of Divine masculine and feminine dynamics.
Her extensive practice with the time-honored tradition of Tantra give her a solid foundation for contemporary methods of awakening consciousness.www.ecstaticawareness.com

For registration information call 928/274-6787 or email ckbreathe@hotmail.com

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