Ecstatic Awareness Institute
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Private Sessions
You have within you the full power of love, the ability to heal and love yourself - and thus to love others. By integrating spiritual energy with sexual energy, we move freely toward wholeness, conscious loving and inner peace. This is enlightenment through ecstasy.

* Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power.
* Circulate the generative forces from the genitals to higher energy centers to invigorate and rejuvenate all your vital functions
* Expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of lifeforce (prana) through the body
* Have longer, deeper loving with increased vigor, improved stamina and enhanced sensation
*Channel these divine powers as a safe foundation for awakening the Kundalini

My sessions are designed for the purpose of learning, healing, growth and of course, PLEASURE. I also provide coaching in mindful communication, managing emotions, sensation awareness, conscious touch and lovemaking skills.

Ready for enlightenment and ecstasy? Enter your information below to book a session. You'll be redirected to a form that will allow me to discover more about you and what you desire to learn. Please be thorough with your answers! Naturally, the more you tell me, the better I'll be able to craft a meaningful experience for you.

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