Ecstatic Awareness Institute
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Couples Sessions

"When someone worships an object or person as if it is God,
that object or person becomes God for the worshiper.
As a medium through which God can be recognized,
the sex act is accorded special attention in Tantrism.
The power of the entire universe (kundalini sakti) is alive
in the body in the form of sexual energy."

Kamalkara Mishra; Kashmir Shavism


You have within you the seed to learn the power of love, to heal and love yourself - a good place from which to love others. By integrating spiritual energy with sexual energy we learn to move freely toward wholeness, conscious loving and inner peace. As a spiritual practice, this is enlightenment through ecstasy.

GREATER LOVE and GREATER ENERGY are available to you as a result of engaging in this path at any level: physical, energetic, spiritual. Allow me to guide you towards this awakening of your divine nature. My presence is open & compassionate and my work is deep & nurturing. With focused intention, intuition and acceptance, I invite my companions to fully blossom to their greatest ecstatic potential.

My sessions are designed for the purpose of learning, healing, growth and of course, PLEASURE. I begin by taking time for grounding and teaching you the principles of Tantra and the practice of conscious intimacy. Using the wisdom of the body we move beyond resistance to experience more satisfying intimate relationships.

Sessions may include some restorative massage, meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, sacred spot massage and above all, a BLISSFUL educational experience.

Learn how to;

~ Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power.

~ Circulate the generative forces from the genitals to the higher energy centers to invigorate and rejuvenate all your vital functions.

~ Expand orgasmic energy multiple times by stimulating the flow of life force (prana) throughout the body.

~ Have longer, deeper loving with increased vigor, improved stamina and enhanced sensation.

~ Channel these divine powers as a safe foundation for awakening the Kundalini.

I can also provide coaching to gain skills in mindful communication, managing emotions, sensation awareness, conscious touch and lovemaking skills.

Couples are welcome to contact me for custom tailored experiences that will create a space to reconnect the heart with the sexual centers, break down barriers, deepen pleasure, renew intimacy and expand your sexual identity. To learn more about the work I do with couples, please begin by filling out the form below. You will then be taken to a page that will allow you to tell me more about you and to request a session or consultation.

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