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Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner's Training

Upcoming trainings in
England September 7th-11th
Prague October 4th - 9th
Australia February 2012

International School of Temple Arts

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training

A  7 day Training to support and further the Sacred Sexual Healing Arts and its practitioners, trainees, and seekers.

Facilitated by Triambika and Baba Dez Nichols
This training is aimed at men and women who are dedicated to the ongoing practice of evolving consciousness and embodying bliss, and who support others on this path. Central to this are presence, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness, and a lifestyle which honors the interconnectedness of all things. Acknowledging and embracing one’s shadow (or un-integrated psychological material) is the cornerstone of this work.

Some people take this training for their own personal enrichment while others are interested in  the profession of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Educator.  Join with 20-25 other motivated individuals from a diverse background of experiences, including computer techs, massage therapists, counselors, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and students, to create an intensely-satisfying learning journey, that will significantly impact your personal life and professional style.



Emotional Awareness & Fluidity:
•    Recognize all feelings as the path to true and total presence.
•    Understand the unconscious, unspoken relational agreements that sabotage our movement towards becoming liberated.
•    Explore how feelings of jealousy, envy, possessiveness, anger, fear and insecurity both interfere and lead us to empowerment.
•    Release deeper layers of guilt and shame and teach your students to do the same.

Sacred Inner Marriage:
•    Practice embodying the archetype of the Healthy Masculine through quieting the mind, listening with compassionate attention, creating safety, and witnessing without judgment.

•    Reclaim and activate the emotional body (the seat of power or Divine Feminine) using practical techniques such as Expression & Release, Voice Dialogue, and Aspecting.
•    Understand the light and shadow archetypes for the feminine and masculine principals.  
•    Reclaim the loving pleasure of the Sacred Inner Marriage as a foundation for health.  

Transformation through Ritual
•    Discover how to help yourself and your students recognize and communicate healthy boundaries in order to fully express desires, intentions, fears, and limitations.
•    Experience breath work, visualization, shamanic journeying, devotional touch, and sacred spot rituals.  


The Business of Transformation:
•    Receive information about the daily ins and outs of managing a business which offers these unique professional services.
•    Learn how to interview & magnetize students who are appropriate for you.  
•    Discover how and where to market your services.
•    Learn protocols and habits for maintaining a thriving, sustainable practice.  

Who is appropriate for this program?
Both adepts and beginners will not want to miss this powerful and compelling week-long program. It is appropriate for those who seek to do Daka / Dakini work professionally, and for those who choose to walk the path informally.  For those who have already begun their personal development with sacred sexuality and integrative wellness, this course will prepare you to move with confidence, presence, and power in private sessions. For those who are just beginning their walk, this course will serve as an evocative initiation and will provide a solid foundation from which to take the next steps.  
The experience is inclusive of the physical, personal, emotional, and transcendent, while then coming back to the very practical skills of facilitating a conscious exploration of sexuality and creating a safe, effective, and satisfying session.  

How will the week be structured?
Each day will be a mixture of verbal teachings, personal sharing, experiential exercises, and ritual practice.  Together we create a safe and grounded field in which to do the work of embodying our own divinity and power. As you learn the tools to accelerate your own evolution and deepen your container, you will hold the space for your clients more effectively.
While your instructors will provide ample structure and direction throughout the week, there is also room for input and co-creation with students.  The hours of teaching will be adjusted and finalized on our first day together.  

  The event takes place at the Sedona Temple School of Temple Arts in West Sedona, and once or twice out on the land at sacred power spots.

Investment: The tuition investment for this course is $3,000 per person or $2300 without meals and lodging (double occupancy). You may reserve your space with a deposit of $1000 or pay in full.

Limited and partial scholarships are available for those who qualify

  Please be aware that although we issue a certificate of course completion, we do not feel it is ethical nor appropriate to certify anyone as a practitioner, Daka, Dakini or Guide. Moreover, there is no guarantee that You will feel ready to begin working as a professional guide. Never the less, the training you receive in this intensive is designed to give you the foundation and tools to start offering your services, powerfully guide others and support you to make your investment back in a very short amount of time, if and when you feel inspired to begin this vocational path.

Heed Your Calling: Learning to give attention and support with generosity and skill is the greatest asset we can have as a guide. This intensive gives you an opportunity to focus on your own inner work which is an ideal starting point from which to assist others. This is a powerful initiation not only for the beginner but also for all Dakas and Dakinis ready to bring in more mastery and deepen their practice.
Ready to Register? If you feel you are ready to take this next step in your journey with sacred sexuality, please contact the Sedona Temple for more information, or reserve your space with a deposit* or full payment.

For Information contact:

tel: 928-282-8511
**If you register for the Daka /Dakini training by October 1st you get a free one year membership in the educational website: Temple Arts Productions offers: The most comprehensive information for Sexual Healing, Highly specialized content for Teacher Training, Viewing video instantly  24 / 7. Numerous exclusive teachings unavailable ANYWHERE else online. Exceptional educational value

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