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Erotic Spirituality Registration and Application


Welcome to The Ecstatic Awareness Institute and thank you very much for choosing to be part of our Erotic Spirituality Training. We assure you it will be an experience that you will never forget.

This powerful experiential workshop for singles and couples is a fun and safe way to dive into the exquisite journey of sacred living and sexual empowerment. Become a better lover and create deeper connections and more love in your life. Learn ancient tantric techniques – including ritual, communication, and energy consciousness – to integrate spirituality into your life and lovemaking. Celebrate being fully alive in your body, heart, spirit and mind. Essentially this is Pleasure as a vehicle for Enlightenment.

Please click here to read our Cancellation & Refund Policy

Date: April 23rd, 24th, 25th  2010

Location: TBA, Los Angeles, Ca.

COST: $497. Cost is per person / $895 for two (save $99)
DEPOSIT: $150 per person to secure your space

Please send a copy of this form to [email protected] Upon receiving your registration form, we will send you an invoice requesting the deposit. This payment will complete your registration process. Space is limited to 26 participants.

Full Name:     
State / Zip:
Emergency Contact:   
Questions / concerns(about this workshop):     
Where did you hear about us?:

Refund & Cancellation Policy:     I have read and accept the Cancellation & Refund Policy. If this payment is an event deposit, I agree to have the balance charged to this same credit/debit card when due

Confidential Self-Inquiry for Erotic Spirituality Workshop

 1) What are your motivations for enrolling in the Erotic Spirituality Practitioners Training? Please list three or more.

 2) How would you like to see yourself integrating Erotic Spirituality into your personal romantic relationships?

3) Are you interested in becoming a Dakini/Daka or offering sacred sensual work? If so, why? Be honest and clear. List three or more reasons.

4) Do you have any history of sexual, verbal or physical abuse that you are aware of? If so, please share the impact that these actions may have had on your life. Be sure to include any healing modalities that assisted in your process.

5) Are you currently taking any anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, blood pressure, diabetic or any other medications your trainers should be aware of?

6) Do you have any other background in Tantra, Yoga, meditation Taoism or sacred sexuality? Please describe how these teachings may have shifted your view about yourself or your sexuality.

7) Please give a brief description of your current and past spiritual beliefs or associations.

8) What do you believe are the necessary values that are essential in order to be a powerful sexual healer?

9) What do you think may be limiting you from this if anything?

10) Reaching for the stars, what would you hope to walk away with after attending the Erotic Spirituality Training?

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