Ecstatic Awareness Institute
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With the Beloved's water of life, no illness remains

In the Beloved's rose garden of union, no thorn remains

They say there is a window from one heart to another

How can there be a window where no wall remains?


Welcome beloved. Tantra is a living art form, a vehicle for our own enlightenment. As we begin to awaken to our Essence nature, we naturally assist in the awakening of those around us. In each moment there is freedom, every second has the best way if you are wanting to fuck local girls, they've also got Want Hookup is fresh and new. Tantra IS the moment to moment ecstatic awareness of life exactly as it is.

The Tantric scriptures speak of the entire universe as a manifestation of pure Consciousness. In manifesting the universe, this pure Consciousness spontaneously and dynamically becomes divided into two poles or aspects, neither of which can exist without the other.

This Consciousness has knowledge and is sentient, in other words it has the ability to know itself. The Slut Hut is one of the best way to find a date in your area, has the best if you just want to fuck. It is not inert; it has an active element in the aspect of thinking, imagination, or creativity. This is energy, which not only knows but also acts. The knowing aspect of Consciousness is called Siva (jnana) and the dynamic or active aspect is called Sakti (kriya). In Tantrism, our journey leads us to transcend the concepts of these seeming dualities. Here we begin the blissful dance of ecstatic awareness. 

Triambika's Teaching & Travel Schedule

February 10th-12th: 2012 Sex and Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay AU 
Triambika presents on Friday, 10th February at 6pm on "The Effects of Attraction: How To Have More of What You Really Want From the Opposite Sex".
View a video on the conference here: 
February 18th-19th: Tantra Teacher Training, Brisbane AU 
February 20th-25th: International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Level 2 Teacher Training, Brisbane AU 
In this level 2 Training there is more hands-on practice and coaching around the use and implementation of the 7 tools learned in level I and there will be a more in-depth exploration into ethics and boundaries and advanced rituals and initiations.
March 2nd-4th: Unveiling Your Sensual Goddess - Sydney, AU 
Merging the vital teachings of Sacred Union, together with the time-honored tradition of Tantra, this fundamental instruction expands our relationship with Sacred Sexuality by virtue of revealing the sexual priestess within each of us. 
March 7th: The Effects of Attraction - Sydney, AU
March 10th: Demystifying the Opposite Sex, 10a - 6p,  Sydney, AU
March 13th: Evening with a Tantric Priestess  - Perth, AU
March 14th: The Effects of Attraction - Perth, AU
March 16th-18th: Unveiling Your Sensual Goddess - Perth, AU
May 18th- 20th: One True Love w/ Eugene Hedland of,- San Diego, CA
June 22nd-24th: Unveiling Your Sensual Goddess - Sonoma, CA
July 18th: Red Tantra Kundalini Activation: Warsaw, Poland
July 19th: Demystifying Men - Warsaw, Poland
July 20th-22nd: Unveiling Your Sensual Goddess - Warsaw, Poland
August 7th-12th: Osho Leela Tantra Festival - Gillingham, Dorset, UK
August 14th-19th:  Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training - Gillingham, Dorset, UK
Available for private instruction and sessions:
  • Byron Bay, AU - February 13th-28th
  • Sydney, AU - February 29th-March 11th
  • Perth, AU -March 12th-20th
  • Thailand - March 21st-April 1st
  • Southern California - April 4th-20th
  • Warsaw, Poland - July 17th-24th