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Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Men

You have a desire to feel a deeper connection with women and become a masterful lover.

Sex Coaching for Men with TriambikaAs a conscious man you want to go beyond traditional detached sex and have richer longer lasting lovemaking with your partner.

You want to attract, date and maintain great relationships with amazing women.

You know that thoroughly satisfying your lover is by far one of the most rewarding experience you can have as a man.

And you know that having confidence in yourself, your approach and your performance is essential to attracting the right lady and having the romantic connections you desire.

So what if you could develop your sexual skills and learn effective exercises to quickly improve your success?

Imagine lasting as long as you want and being a truly outstanding lover.

Imagine attracting and seducing the woman of your dreams.

The impact would be incredibly empowering, making anything possible in your relationships and even your entire life.



Sex Coaching for Men with TriambikaI have been working with men’s sexuality for over twenty years helping them to become extraordinary lovers, have success in dating, attract remarkable women into their lives and experience fulfilling relationships.

Before you can powerfully connect with a woman it is essential to:

  1. Release sexual shame
  2. Feel comfort and acceptance of your desires
  3. Experience confidence in yourself


“Working with the extraordinary teacher Triambika has enabled me to bring the spiritual and sexual parts of myself into alignment. Triambika creates a safe and supportive environment in which she offers coaching and learning through loving presence and intuitive instruction. She is a master teacher and practitioner of tantric and yogic practices who embodies deep wisdom that is expressed in all aspects of her work connecting the sacred and sexual in wild and wonderful ways”.      ~Victor B. Boston, MA

Sex Coaching for Men with Triambika

Working from all levels of body, mind, heart and soul, in our coaching work together I will teach you the life-changing techniques for sexual mastery and how to reap the benefits of these practices in your daily life.

    • Enhance ejaculatory control
    • Experience heightened states of arousal
    • Have greater stamina
    • Heal from prior trauma, abuse and/or cultural wounding.
    • Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power
    • Have longer, deeper loving with increased vigor, improved stamina and enhanced sensation
    • Gain confidence in yourself and acceptance of your desires
    • Expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of life-force through the body

We start by identify and clearing any blocks to having what you want and helping you make a solid connection to your desire. 

“Wow! I connected intimately with 4 amazing different women in the past week culminating in what was undoubtedly the most intense sexual experience of my life. It was hours of unbridled ecstasy – pure ####### magic! I know that our work together has made this possible. Can’t thank you enough Triambika. Sending you all my love.” ~Sam. Southern France

Sex Coaching for Men with Triambika

The next step is to unlock the mystery of attracting women by understanding what she really needs, her non-verbal communication and what causes her to feel attracted.

  • Increase your Presence-the key to more intimate and satisfying relationships
  • Learn the secrets of sexual attraction
  • Understand women’s sexual desires, non-verbal cues, and distinct thought processes
  • Become aware of women’s instincts as well as what brings out the best in them
  • Get comfortable expressing your desires and listening to the desires of your partner.
  • Explore how to give a powerful sexual healing session to your partner
  • Talk to women in a way that women respond to
  • Discover why women lose interest in sex and how to restore that
  • Access deeper connection by getting acquainted with your sensations and emotions


Through coaching we can explore what a truly fulfilling sex life would look like and learn the necessary actions steps to feel powerful, self-assured and comfortable in all of your intimate interactions.

A man MUST be clear about who he is and what he needs before engaging with a woman.

“As you honor yourself, so will others honor you”.

If you are looking to enhance your erotic life and experience true ecstatic union then you will surely benefit from Sex and Intimacy coaching.

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