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The Immersion Experience

Indulge in one, two or three full days of private instruction and experiential session work in the destination of your choice with Triambika. The Immersion experiences are available to a limited number of individuals or couples who are motivated and dedicated to having mastery in their relationships, sexual life and communication.
Customized to your specific areas of interest, the Immersion Experience is a deep journey into self-discovery, emotional freedom, and an unforgettable sensual education.

Depending on what’s needed and your specific desires we will do any combination of coaching, learning, experiential session work, emotional release, yoga, breath-work, meditation, guided visualization and walking in nature. We may enjoy a meal or two together as well there will be time spent on your own to integrate and practice with your partner or alone.

Sample Immersion Day:

Early Morning- Enjoy a leisure breakfast on your own or receive a massage from a local practitioner
Mid-Morning – Meet with Triambika for some gentle movement to open the body, class/ learning time and communicating.
Lunch- Assimilate learning with quiet time and a healthy lunch. Engage in personal practice or journaling.
Afternoon- Meet with Triambika for coaching, walking, meditation, breath-work or session time.
Early Evening- Share a healthy dinner with Triambika
Evening- Experiential session with Triambika

Enjoy this intimate experience in the comfort of your own home or in the retreat destination of your choice. The schedule will be tailored to your needs allowing for the greatest flexibility to facilitate learning and healing time.

All sessions are practiced in a profoundly safe and contained environment with all boundaries fully discusses and honored. Rates are discussed when we talk and are per day plus expense.