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Body of Bliss : Integrated Sexual Awakening Retreat

Tulum, Mexico : September 24-28th, 2015

With Tj Bartel and Triambika Vive

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Product Description

Body of Bliss invites you to venture into the unchartered territory of sexual possibility and discover how your capacity for ecstasy far exceeds your wildest imagination. We will guide you to unlock your and/or your partner’s untapped sexual potential and to experience a level of fulfillment few have ever known existed. Discover the connection between orgasm and aliveness, between pleasure and purpose, between bliss and power, between ecstasy and freedom.

tulum coupleIs Your Sex Life as Good As It Could Be? Do you feel like something is missing or lacking? It’s no secret that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. One chief reason cited: sexual dissatisfaction & boredom. 

The good news is Body of Bliss has partnered with leading advanced sexual experts from around the world to create a comprehensive therapeutic approach to sexual education. 

The Bliss team has crafted a unique and potent immersion process to guide you through profound and lasting sexual transformation.

This retreat is for couple or singles, for women or for men who love women. 

As a man – you want to give her the best pleasure you possibly can. You have a desire to feel a deeper connection and have longer lasting enjoyment in bed.

As a conscious man you want to go beyond traditional detached sex and have richer lasting lovemaking with your partner.

Ladies, Have you ever?

  • Been told that you were difficult to please sexually?
  • Had sex out of obligation or made excuses to avoid sex?
  • Wanted your partner to hurry up & finish sex?
  • Put sex on the back burner?
  • Faked orgasm?
  • Wondered if you had not reached your full sexual potential?
  • Wondered if vaginal, cervical & multiple orgasms were a myth?
  • Suffered from performance anxiety?
  • Been frustrated that your partner ended lovemaking and fell asleep, while you were just getting warmed up?
  • Left a sexual encounter feeling empty and unfulfilled?
  • Been too embarrassed to ask for what you wanted sexually and/or to tell your partner what turned you on?
  • Had the sense that there was supposed to be more to sex?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions then the Body Of Bliss Advanced Sexual Retreat is for YOU!


Now is the time to find your way back to deeper, more profound, more blissful loving!

Our Integrated Sexual Awakening retreat in Tulum, Mexico offers you a journey into mastery by guiding you in a 5-day immersion experience into the world of limitless bliss.

We have developed a holistic approach in order to produce the most effective, long-lasting results when it comes to accessing and anchoring more intense, expanded states of pleasure. Learn from our experts how cultivating sexual energy can transform your life.

Lead by world-renowned sexual educators:
: Tj Bartel (read his bio here)
: Triambika Vive (read her bio here)
: Catherine Oxenburg (read her bio here)

Our goal is to help men and women just like You become more embodied so as to enjoy and experience:

    • Increased flow of sexual energy to nourish your entire body
    • Enhanced sensitivity to your genitals
    • Heightened states of pleasure and arousal
    • Develop body- centered wisdom – the body is a powerful gateway for awakening consciousness
    • Understand bliss as Super Fuel
    • Remove any blocks to bliss
    • Demystify the female body and network of arousal
    • Expand your orgasmic repertoire, become proficient at expanding and intensifying pleasure states
    • Tap into your deepest pleasure potential, learn to cultivate sexual energy for optimum health
    • Become a master lover

Our retreat is hosted at the beautiful Sanara Resort :
a luxury eco boutique hotel on Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico.


Register now to save your spot for this exclusive retreat, space is limited!

Retreat price: $2,000 (Food and Lodging not included)

Contact Triambika for more information about event details, course curriculum, lodging options and travel arrangements. Click the button below to submit your payment!