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Get ready to claim the Divine power of your sexuality!

After spending over 22 years in the sensuality industry working hands-on with thousands of men, I’ve learned a thing or two about these amazing creatures. I want to share with you some of the greatest keys to understand men, how they relate to sex and how to have a better relationship with yourself in the process.

No matter your level of awareness, most women truly want to have fulfilling relationships with men. We want to feel seen, heard, and adored. Deep down we all want to feel confident, self-expressed and comfortable around men.

If you’re a woman who wants to know how to fully embrace and understand your sexual power, let me tell you this…

Operating from an empowered place with your sexuality gives you the ability to really own yourself at your most womanly and express the plethora of divine feminine sensuality you possess.

Being sexually empowered means owning your sexuality. Sexual vitality is powerful.

But all too often, as women, we take a back seat when it comes to having satisfying sex with men. Perhaps…

• You’re lacking sexual desire
• You feel confused or frustrated by men’s behavior
• You’re not getting what you want in bed or your relationships
• You go into a downward spiral of self-blame, low self-esteem or low self-confidence
• You’re having a hard time balancing being driven in your business without driving him away.

This may have caused you pain, anger, sadness and you’re sick of dealing with these struggles.

Your heart aches for deeper connected intimacy with your partner(s).
It’s time to end the frustration and heal the masculine-feminine gap

Whether your ready to call in your beloved and do it differently this time or if you want to take your relationship to new heights of intimacy…

This course is for every woman who wants to have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex and her relationship with men.

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It’s all about:

• You learning how to bring yourself back from a downward spiral and have a better relationship with yourself in relation to men.

• Giving to men and knowing how to offer them the best tricks of the trade.

• Masterfully guide yourself & your beloved to expand orgasmic bliss multiple times while conserving sexual energy

• How to speak sensually to a man in a way that will totally turn him on.

• Knowing how to give a better hand job.

• How to honor his sacred wand with your whole body and soul.

• How to give him a boost to his ego he desperately needs and why this makes him better for you in the long run.

It’s also about…

• Healing your wounds with men, changing your relationships forever.

• Learning what makes a woman truly attractive in every sense of the word.

• Cultivating that special set of qualities that makes you totally magnetic.

• Claiming the sacred power of your sexuality.

• Embodying your receptive feminine- the key to attraction.

You will also learn:

• The 2 main types of attraction and which one will have you receiving more of what you truly want from men.
• How to have a man really listen AND want to deliver what you need.
• Some real “mistakes” you may be making with men right now and what to do about it!
• What most women never learn about how men actually think and why it’s not as bad as it seems.
• The myths you’re taught to believe about men that make it impossible to attract a successful relationship.
• And how to beat the odds and create a phenomenal and sexually alive relationship, for years to come.

Suitable for both married or single women.
This is going to be a super fun, enlightening and unforgettable weekend!



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About Triambika:

TriambikaTriambika Ma Vive, founder of the Ecstatic Awareness™ Institute, has coached thousands of men and women to discover the sacred connection to their sensuality, learn to have extraordinary soulful sex, gain confidence and create healthier relationships.

Triambika globally guides men and women everyday to leading a more empowered and authentic sexual life. Her powerful work with couples and singles have been featured on the Playboy channel, Personal Life Media, Source Tantra with Charles Muir and as a lead facilitator for the ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience)

Striving to release the layers of shame she grew up with gave Triambika a foundational insight to the cultural conditioning women and men struggle with everyday. Her passion has been in successfully supporting others to transform their shadow into personal power.


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